Through the Sea

Solo Exhibition

La Casa del Cable. Javea. Alicante. Spain

From 10 May – 16 June 2024

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About the EXHIBITION ‘Through the Sea’:

‘La Casa del Cable’ presents us with an exhibition in which painting, colour and textures are the protagonists of the most recent series by Silvia Lerín and on the ground floor we can find an evocative exhibition conceived specifically for its exhibition space: it is a visual and conceptual exploration of the relationship between the cable and the sea that surrounds it, a way of seeing this dialogue closer to the concept of ‘Gaia’ than that of underwater communications.

In her introductory text Connected with the Sea and its History, Silvia Lerín states that her creative process is nourished by the inspiration she finds in everyday life and in this case it is nourished by the very poetics of the place: the Casa del Cable united by a submarine cable to another house on the island of Ibiza, inspired a series created specifically for this space.

The exhibition Through the Sea, which Silvia Lerín presents at the Casa del Cable, in the Port of Jávea, explores the powerful and dynamic nature of metal in physical contact with the immensity and generosity of the sea. Silvia Lerín’s work captures the capacity of the sea to envelop and give up space and the tensions that both copper and liquid feel together on their path.

Born and raised in Valencia, the artist’s deep relationship with the sea has been silently present. According to her, La Casa del Cable served as a powerful reminder of that lasting connection that has long resonated within her artistic practice.

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