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The SOLID RODS series are the abstract representation of a solid metallic rod cut transversally (if we observe any metal microscopically when it has been cut, we can observe that the cut generates fine lines in the metal due to its molecular structure).

Each Solid Rod has been painted with metallic colored acrylic on paper through numerous lines with a fine brush that creates a subtle texture on a circle of another vibrant color also in acrylic. The work is also vertically intersected with a thin wooden assembly that gives it three-dimensionality by adding shades and nuances of color.

Each ‘Solid Rod’ is a unique piece since they are unique in their color combination and the size that has been made and all are signed, numbered and dated.

Currently, I only do ‘Solid Rods’ by order because they take a lot of energy, if you are interested send me an email at info@silvialerin.com

The London Art Fair. Booth Joanna Bryant and Julian Page. London. UK. 2018
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