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Solid Rod XXVII


Acrylic on paper and on wood

76 x 76.5 x 2 cm. | 30 x 30 x 0.8 in.  

Private Collection


‘The Other Art Fair’. New York. 2019


These ‘Solid Rods’ are the abstract representation of a solid metallic rod cut transversally (because if we observe any metal microscopically we can see that the cut generates thin lines in the metal due to its molecular structure).

This Solid Rod XXVII has been painted with acrylic silver colour on black colour on paper through numerous lines with a thin brush that creates a subtle texture and it is intersected vertically by a thin assembly of wood also painted with acrylic. It is a unique piece as it is only this combination of colours silver on black in this size that it has been made.

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