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Road of Life

Solo Exhibition

Galeria Llamazares. Gijon. Asturias. Spain

From 9 June – 9 July 2022

Performance ‘Road of Life’ interpreted by dancer Chus Jaén

About the EXHIBITION ‘Road of Life’:

The exhibition ‘Road of life’, presented at the Llamazares gallery, explores the visual and conceptual experience of the line as a metaphor for life, as the path we trace, the line that continues, separates and unites.

After several years of creating both two-dimensional and three-dimensional works in which metal, or rather the appearance of metal, was shown to us through many other materials, with which the artist explored autobiographical experiences through subtle oxidations generating luminous turquoise greens (‘Copper skin’/’Piel de Cobre’ series or ‘Oxide’/’Óxido’ series), Lerín uses a more diverse color palette in this exhibition, returning to the pictorial texture that has characterized her during her more than 20 years of profession.

Silvia Lerin’s works invite reflection, painting is for her a slow process and her textures are a good example of this, elaborated through transparencies and pictorial washes of numerous layers that make it a very personal texture since it is the time of the existence of the artist who has passed through them.

This exhibition overflowing with optimism and color refers us to life, the one that when we think it ends is when it begins.

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