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¡Viva villa!


Exposición Colectiva

Collection Lambert.  Avignon.  France. 11 Nov – 11 Feb 2023

Curators: Victorine Grataloup and Stéphane Ibars


  • Casa de Velàzquez, Madrid
  • Villa Kujoyama, Japan
  • Académie de France in Rome – Villa Médicis, Rome


The ¡Viva Villa! festival was created for the Casa de Velàzquez, the Villa Kujoyama and the Académie de France in Rome – Villa Médicis, it has its origin in a common desire to create a regular meeting place with the French public, bringing together artists invited in residence to these three institutions in Madrid, Kyoto and Rome.

Under the co-curatorship of Victorine Grataloup and Stéphane Ibars, this multi-media festival, that combines visual arts, design, performance, dance, music and art history, will provide an essential spotlight for France’s burgeoning art-scene showing the quality of the works completed by the artists in these three highly symbolic venues. 

For its third consecutive year, it invites itself onto the artistic agenda of the Collection Lambert and sets up home in the Hôtel de Montfaucon for a whole three months.

This will complete the Avignon museum’s constant commitment to emerging artists and confirm the primordial role it plays in the French art-scene.