• Created in 2018
  • Painted with Acrylic Hahnemuhle paper with a sandpaper collage.
  • 79 x 102 cm. | 31 x 40 in.   
  • It is unframed and will ship from the United Kingdom in a cardboard tube of 82 (length) x 10 (diameter) cm.


  • This artwork belongs to my series Engineering. In it can be seen a piece of a sandpaper that has been used to sand walls and was discharged because of not more use. I liked the beauty of the little white residues of walls and also how beautifully the sandpaper was folded in two, even the greyish that appear in the folding were nice and inspired me to create this composition that suggest a roll of sandpaper. I am often inspired by tools that are used in the working process, arising from a period when I worked in an Engineering Department.  For this work I reinterpreted the folds in a roll of sandpaper, with the tiny grains of white residue carrying layers of history and time.

  • It is unframed



  • It will ship from the United Kingdom in a cardboard tube of 82 cm. length x 10 cm. diameter (32 in. length x 4 in. diameter)


Framing suggestion:

  • A natural beech or oak wooden frame will enhance this lithography, a white wooden or white aluminum frame would be my second option. In all cases, I recommend leaving space between the frame and the artwork in order to enjoy the deckled edges of the paper. Also, it is always recommended that the artwork isn’t in contact with the glass, you can achieve this thanks to a ‘pass-par-tout’ (your local framer can guide you on this and I am also available for guidance)

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 82 × 10 × 10 cm



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