Full-Time Labyrinth

Home / Work / Full-Time Labyrinth ‘Sun’ on the wall: Acrylic on canvas 194 x 198 x 5 cm. | 76.3 x 78 x 1.9 in. ‘Labyrinth’ on the floor: Acrylic on canvas and stainless steel pipe elbows 431 x 335 x 5 cm. | 169.5 x 132 x 1.9 in. EXHIBITED AT: ‘Full-Time Labyrinth’ […]

Series ‘Loops’

Home / Work / Loops The ‘Loops’ series is a metaphor for life: it suggests continuation, movement and transformation. At the beginning of the series, a copper pipe was a ‘found object’, which I manipulated until I found beauty in the line and form. In addition, I assembled material of a different nature that appeared […]

Neons from Heaven

Home / Work / Neons From Heaven 2019 Acrylic on canvas, cardboard tubes, eyelets, nylon thread, iron, mirrored acrylic mirrors. Approx. 270 x 333 x 183 cm. | Approx. 108 x 131 x 72 in. Masham. North Yorkshire. UK Commissioned by Art in the Churches for ‘SCULPT’ art trail in North Yorkshire EXHIBITED AT: ‘SCULPT’. Masham. North Yorkshire. UK. […]

Big Pipe

Home / Work / Big Pipe 2017 Acrylic on canvas, flexible duct, silver foil, steel, nylon thread, and plastic. 40 x 900 x 40 cm. (variable measures) 16 x 354 x 16 in. (variable measures)  EXHIBITED AT: ‘Florence Trust Summer Show’The Florence Trust. London. UK. 2017 Photos courtesy of photographer Agnese Sanvito ABOUT THIS WORK: […]


Home / Work / Engineering / Leak 2017 Acrylic on canvas and stainless steel piece 146 x 27.5 x 38 cm. | 57.5 x 11 x 15 in. ENQUIRE EXHIBITED AT: ‘Florence Trust Summer Show’ The Florence Trust. London. UK. 2017   Photo courtesy of photographer Peter Hope A leak inspired this artwork that is […]


Home / Work / Fire 2016 Acrylic on canvas 78 x 78 x 21.5 in. | 199 x 199 x 55 cm. EXHIBITED AT: Playroom. Union Club Studios. London. U.K. | Curated by Olga Mackenzie and Sasha Galitzine Emerged. Clerkenwell Gallery. London. UK. | Curated by Joanna Bryant and Julian Page The curators of the […]

Projection Black & Green

Home / Work / Projection Black & Green 2015 Oil and acrylic on wood and on vynil. 179 x 267 x 170 cm. EXHIBITED AT: ‘From Centre’. Loud & Western Building. London. UK. Group Exhibition. 2017 (Curated by Saturation Point Projects & Slate Projects) Instagram Facebook Twitter Linkedin


Home / Work / Koh-i-Noor 2013 Paper,tape,fabric,plaster,thread and plastic. 116 x 584 x 249 in. | 295 x 1.483 x 632 cm. EXHIBITED AT: ‘Conversation with the building’the Prairie Center of the Arts. Peoria. IL. US. 2013 The Koh-i-Noor (which is the name of a famous diamond as well as a Persian translation of ‘Mountain […]

Vertical Lava

Home / Work / Vertical Lava 2013 Acrylic on canvas and on wood 132 x 106 in. | 335 x 269 cm. EXHIBITED AT: ‘Conversation with the building’the Prairie Center of the Arts. Peoria. IL. US. 2013 ‘Vertical lava’ was inspired by a stack of wooden slats that were already set in a beautiful mountain shape, […]

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