Text for the catalogue of the group exhibition ‘Work, world, creativity’ published on the occasion of said exhibition at the ‘Museo de la Ciudad’ in Valencia. Spain. 2002

Silvia Lerin, ‘No Title’ 2001

The ability of Silvia Lerín to develop a personal style, in constant faithfulness to herself, and , at the same time, to effortlessly overcome the challenge uf repetition is gratifyingly surprising.A reticent style of painting that seems to tell us so, perhaps precisely because it advances al beats from its own internal tempo, exploring possibilities, like Johann Sebastian Bach in his preludes and fugues, in contrast to a world too often accustomed to haste and going from one break-up to another.The sotto voce of Lerín’s paintings minutely present the possibilities of that combination so characteristic of the artist –marble dust, paper, acrylic-,and invite calm contemplation; the material sensuality with the beautiful and vertically lying layers delicately invites- does not impose – our gaze; likewise the self-imposed chromatic limitation blends in with the habitual compositional stability.In the work presented to this exhibition, the desire for balance and unity is patently clear for the spectator to see:plasticity is tempered in sound construction and it reminds us that on the canvas are sensitivity, suggestiveness and paint nothing more and nothing less.

Jose Manuel Mora Fandos


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