Via II


Acrylic on canvas and oil on wood

3.5 x 10 x 2 in. | 9 x 25 x 5.5 cm.


This project began to take shape in London, thanks to the Krasner-Pollock Foundation Grant.
In the beginning “Mind the Gap” was conceived as a series of paintings in which the famous warning phrase issued to tube passengers became an excuse to keep on investigating my artistic discourse through fissures and divisions considering “gap” as an extension of its meaning, that’s why I make a distinction between ‘Mind the Gap I’ and ‘Mind the Gap II’.
Nevertheless whilst surveying these ideas I realized a new necessity of formulating the work inspired by the “GAP” (with all its connotations) with a very different perspective of what at the beginning inspired my paintings ( I wasn’t thinking regards the tube lines neither its colours but in its literal meaning; the actual “gap” itself (the distance between the train and platform). I began to think of installations with painted wood, yellow and grey painted canvas, or other fabric, in which the yellow line that appears on the edges of the platforms plays an important role as an element that both separates and advises.

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