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Shaped in Mexico


Group Exhibition

Bargehouse, Oxo Tower. London. UK.

Supported by the Margain-Junco Collection

From the 4th – 12th September

Curated by Olga Margarita Dávila

About this EXHIBITION:

I was commissioned to make this site-specific installation for the exhibition ‘Shaped in Mexico’ held at the Bargehouse in the Oxo Tower in London in 2015.

The word ‘Reflection’ has two meanings in English: reflection as a return of quality from a surface and reflection as a deep thought or consideration. With my site-specific installation titled ‘Reflection’, I wanted to express the idea that all countries reflect each other, that they all have a bit of each other, and that is why we have to look for understanding between different cultures. This reflection is also a reflection of the concepts of diversity and union.

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