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Second Lives. Tales by Female Spanish Artists


Group exhibition at

12 Star Gallery, Europe House. London. UK

Participating Artists:

Maria Arceo, María Gimeno, Silvia Lerín and Susana Sanromán


Antonio Molina-Vázquez FRSA


The installation, Full-Time Labyrinth she presents at Outpost gallery explores the physical and mental experience of working full-time in a lower basement of a busy hotel in London some years ago – the desire and time for creation was severely compromised – the low ceilings, the narrow passageways were all unstabling factors. It felt difficult to escape this mind process…The sun of hope was omnipotent but always unseen during all that time. 

The displayed pieces, the Labyrinth and the Sun, show different aspects of the visual scenario of her working space whilst also looking at the mental process Silvia was experiencing in relation with her time for creation as an artist.