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Solo show

Exhibitions space at Idea Store. London. UK 

From the 2nd June –  31st July 2016

Curated by Rugina Mukid

On the background there is a thin cotton black fabric. The Ivy stripes are stapled in thin wood lenghts both on top and bottom of the installation.

This wall installation belongs to my project ‘Inspired by an English Garden’ which explores the beauty of the English garden and all what is alive or not in it, I felt myself as the bee attracted by the splendid colours of the flowers plants, etc…but in my case not just by the colour or its always surprising combination but also the shape, so apparently simple at times and so exotic complicated at others.

With this artwork I don’t try to do a representation of the ivy, as it is a natural object but instead I express its abstract essence through my interest in examining the confines of the shape of objects and the way painting speaks on transforming the work. These kind of things drive me to keep on researching the boundaries of my artistic practice by observing the multitude of ways nature offers its splendour.

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