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Photo #1 courtesy of photographer Peter Hope.

Photo #4 courtesy of photographer Juan R Peiro.

‘A metal flower is a dead flower’ it is a transitional work between my prior project ‘Inspired by an English Garden’ 2016 (vibrant colourful triangular) and my current project ‘Engineering’ 2017-18 (in which stand metallic colours). Between the two pieces that build this diptych exists a time relationship, the metallic flower represented in the left canvas keeps a gestalten relation with the flowers of my prior project ‘Inspired by an English Garden’ (but without the vibrant colours) and transforms in a dying and dry flower in the right canvas, suggesting my current autobiographical project ‘Engineering’. The lower grey cable submerged in the water still ‘feeds’ the smooth appearance (although metallic) from the first canvas (maintaining that way its smoothness, the same as the water would do to a flower) but this cable doesn’t appear in the right canvas as the flower is already dead.