2021 Johanna Caplliure

‘In a flower garden I dreamed that life emanated from metal’. Text from catalog ART CONTEMPORANI DE LA GENERALITAT VALENCIANA IV edited by the ‘Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana’. 2021. Legal deposit: V-3149-2021 / I.S.B.N 978-84-482-6622-6

2021 Satoru Yamada

‘Da Vinci Wall, Silvia Lerin Wall’. Text by Satoru Yamada after attending my solo exhibition ‘Copper Landscapes’ and subsequent visit to my studio during my residency at the Casa de Velázquez in Madrid. Spain. 2021

2021 Caterina Almirall

Text taken from the Prologue of the CASA DE VELAZQUEZ Catalog edited by ‘Casa de Velázquez’. 2021.

2021 Pilar Tebar

‘Silvia Lerín, From Metallorum Alchemy (On the alchemy of metals)’. Text from catalog CASA DE VELAZQUEZ edited by ‘Casa de Velázquez’. 2021.

2017 Ashlee Conery

‘Silvia Lerin’. Text from catalog FLORENCE TRUST 2017 edited by ‘The Florence Trust’. 2017