Road of Life

Home / Exhibitions / Road of Life Solo Exhibition Galeria Llamazares. Gijon. Asturias. Spain From 9 June – 9 July 2022 Press Article (Spanish) Press Release (English) Press Release (Spanish) Performance ‘Road of Life’ interpreted by dancer Chus Jaén About the EXHIBITION ‘Road of Life’: The exhibition ‘Road of life’, presented at the Llamazares gallery, […]

Copper Landscapes

Home / Exhibitions / Copper Landscapes Solo show Puxagallery. Madrid. Spain From the 18th February – 24th May 2021 Funded by: Press Release (English) Press Release (Spanish) About ‘Copper landscapes’ EXHIBITION: Silvia Lerín’s first solo exhibition at Puxagallery is titled “Copper Landscapes” and will be open to the public from February 18th to April 24th, […]


Home / Exhibitions / Oxide Solo show Galería Cuatro. Valencia. Spain From the 23rd September – 26th October 2021 Press Release (Spanish) About ‘Oxide’ EXHIBITION: The project funded by the Valencia City Council and carried out at the Casa de Velázquez in Madrid is part of the ‘Copper skin’ series, an autobiographical series that investigates […]

Full-Time Labyrinth

Home / Exhibitions / Full-Time Labyrinth Solo show Outpost gallery. Norwich. UK From the 28th October – 5th December 2021 INTERVIEW: A conversation between OUTPOST’s Rosalyn McLean and artist Silvia Lerin The installation, Full-Time Labyrinth she presents at Outpost Gallery explores the physical and mental experience of working full-time in a lower basement of a busy […]

Copper Skin

Home / Exhibitions / Copper Skin Solo show Galeria Cuatro. Valencia. Spain From 19th Dic 2019 – 20th January 2020 Interview: Newsletter EL MUNDO. 07 / 01 / 20. ‘Reivindico la belleza del óxido’ by Salva Torres. (Spanish) Instagram Facebook Twitter Linkedin


Home / Exhibitions / Ivy 2016 Solo show Exhibitions space at Idea Store. London. UK  From the 2nd June –  31st July 2016 Curated by Rugina Mukid Press Release Poster On the background there is a thin cotton black fabric. The Ivy stripes are stapled in thin wood lenghts both on top and bottom of […]

Inspired By An English Garden

Home / Exhibitions / Inspired By An English Garden 2016 Solo exhibition  Shiras Gallery. Valencia. Spain From the 26th Oct – 126th Nov 2016 See this series Invitation Instagram Facebook Twitter Linkedin

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